The crew

The common denominator of our personal experience is mainly related to the attendance of the mountain in all its multiple forms, both as fond of it and professionals as we are. 

Being aware that the balance of the mountain and of its areas is a very vulnerable one, we think that the manager has the crucial role to blend the mountain and its visitors, the ones who practice the mountain as a way of life and the ones who frequent it just for passion.

Our main objective is to endow all our activities with these values, in addition to the ones of welcoming and of a good cooking, simple and tastefull, realized with natural foods and according to the seasons. 

We pay particular attention to sportsmen and families needs and we encourage promotional initiatives, conventions, public events, meetings with personalities, which have the mountain as main subjectFactors of growth for the refuge are represented by the maintenance of the paths and of rock-climbing itineraries as well as by the promotion of hiking, mountain bike tours, horse-riding and much more. 

We believe essencial for the hut to fulfill the needs of alpinists, excursionists and climbing schools who come to Rocca Sbarua all the year long.

We also feel it is necessary to enhance the website in relation to its alpine tradition overall, drawing the attention away from those activities which have more recently stood out: from free climbing, to mountain bike, to snowshoes. 

Therefore we manage the refuge assigning the different tasks in accordance to our individual qualifications, multiple experiences and competencies.

Flavia and Silvio

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