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Rifugio Melano-Casa Canada hut is the ideal spot to spend school sojourns of two days or more.

It is positioned in a foothill region, 1000 meters high, facing south… which means a lot of sun, with mild temperatures even in the depths of winter: in other words, it grants pleasant stays all the year long. Furthermore, being the hut very close to a beech forest, it is possible to perform lots of activities surrounded by nature, and to make direct observation of the local animal and vegetable species.

The following programmes, dreamed specifically up for first and second degree primary schools and secondary schools, are the result of a long experience and continual field trials. Every activity will be led by experts in the field (Alpine guides, Naturalist chaperones and Professional educators) who have worked with every level and grade schoolchildren for many years.

The activities to carry out, as well as the ways of intervention, will be talked about and arranged with the teaching body before the beginning of the sojourn, and consequently adapted to the age and the skills of the students.

Here to follow our offers:


It entails a programme conceived mainly for first years’ students of any study course, the aim of which is to focus on the relationships and the dynamics within the group. By the means of comparison between the scholars and of games concerning group dynamics, we will find out the possible critical points and over all the strong point, in order to strengthen the team spirit and the collaboration within the group.

Living in Mountain

Activities of merely anthropological spin.

Through the discovery of Val Lemina’s traditions we intend to analyse the relationship between human being and environment, assuming that men have always lived in these places learning how to take advantage of the (few) resources that the territory offered them. In this view, the coal cellars of the area are an example of the intrinsic connection between the human being and the mountain in the past.

Pleasant walks will permit us to analyse the anthropized spaces and the still untouched ones; we will profit by the trip to identify the main edible wild herbs that grow in the surroundings… and in the evening we propose you some legends and maybe to try some Occitan Dances.


Orientating in town requires knowledges that a “Muntagnin” often has not. Different are the datum points, different the morphology… and so… starting from the dissimilarities between the town and the mountain we will learn how to orientate: first of all with the sun (and, why not, with the stars), to carry on with the observation of the territory and its mapping, the use of charts and compass, until the use of Gps. All this keeping a recreational spirit, as we mentioned before.

                       Walks with the land

This itinerary has as main purpose the discovery of environment and nature through the use of the five senses. It might be a less usual pedagogic introduction to natural environment, but it is as much incisive and involving. Activities which take inspiration from the Educational Earth will be proposed. Wide space will be left to the emotional side and to individual and collective participation.

Wood Ecosystem

By the means of simple walks, we will manage to discover the wood and its inhabitants.

Role-playing games, the observation of traces, the identification of vegetable and animal species, will help us teaching the children/boys and girls the fundamental rules that govern this delicate environment.

Sport sojourn

This kind of sojourn manages to approach the schoolchildren to mountain environment by the application of the basic rules which must be necessarily known in order to hike mountains, to say the starting point of a continuous improvement until the practice and handle of rock climbing: they are good knowledge of the equipment, of basic operations, of knots, and of movements. This activity, beyond its merely sports qualities, stimulates self-confidence and confidence in other people, contributing to the achievement of a good team spirit.


Tariffs Sojourns: 2 Days 55,00 €, 3 Days 90,00 €, 4 Days 110,00 €, 5 Days 130,00 €

Prices do include full board from first day lunch to last day lunch more the activities that will be supervised by our staff.

Single-day price is 18 € per person, including lunch (main course and dessert/fruit) + activity/excursion with Naturalist chaperon.

Two free pass are granted to every school group.

A down payment of 30% must be made at the moment of confirmation.

The Hut is easy to arrive at: with a means of transport admitting 30 passengers you can reach the hamlet “Borgata Dairin”; from here walk on beaten path until Rifigio Melano-Casa Canada, it will take 40 minutes at a quite slow pace… Supposing that every kid will not have a backpack, a luggage carrying service is provided to facilitate the transter from the last hamlet to the hut.

Possibility of transport by four-wheel vehicle for disabled people.