Refuge internal regulation and advice for the sojourn


It is recommended and appreciated to notify any particular request in advance. We ask for a down payment to large groups.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Breakfast is served from 7,00 to 9,30.

You can have lunch from 12,30; dinner is dished from 19,30. Dinner reservation is requested.

The refuge cooking is based on the use of fresh and natural ingredients; it offers a set menu for dinner and a choice among different dishes for lunch. It is suggested to notify any food intolerance or dietary choice in order to guarantee an alternative menu.


Everyone is supposed to have his/her sleeping bag or bed sheet for the night; it is possible to buy them on site. Please respect other’s rest from 22,00 to 7,00.


A land-line telephone functioning by radio link will be at your disposal. Mobile-phone main lines allow to make calls, even though they work better outside!

Gas cookers

Using them is forbidden indoors.


You can have meals in the refuge dining-room; the service price is 2 Euros if you are not Alpine Club member.
It is forbidden to smoke anywhere in the refuge. It is possible to smoke outdoors: please throw cigarettes and fag butts in the appropriate waste baskets.

Dogs must be tethered and they cannot enter the refuge.


You can pitch your tent all around the refuge, except on the helicopter landing area.

The whole crew thanks you and wishes you a good stay in the refuge!

Bookings and payments: the telephone number is 0121-353160



Groups of more than 5 people must anticipate a down payment of € 10 per person.

It is possible to pay by bank transfer to the account:

IBAN- IT14M0848730440000180100597 in the name of  VERTICAL ROCK snc