MTB Eremita – Infernetto

Starting and arrival point: Pinerolo, about 370 m.

Difference in height: about 700 m.

Length: about 23 km

Grade: MC/MC+

The starting point is the square in front of the Carabinieri station. Proceed in the direction of the hamlet “Borgata Talucco” initially by San Pietro Val Lemina’s cycle path and then on the S.P. until the Talucco, still go on until the crossroads leading to the hill “Colle Crò”, here go right towards the hamlet “Borgata Brun”. At the crossroads for the hamlet “Borgata Sala” take the street on the right towards the hill “Colle Eremita”, 960 meters, which you reach ascending a steep ramp: the first stretch is black-topped and, after a bar which closes the street off, going right, continue on dirt patch. Now, from the hill proceed on dirt patch for about 100 meters, then take the path of the coal-cellars on the right, really technical (OC), which descends arriving at the hamlet “Borgogna”: after a few meters on paved street take a path on the left, with a brief (10 meters) re-climbing where you have to thrust, and the rest entirely on cycle path. Leave the path when you arrive at the hamlet “Divisa”, turn left in the direction of the hill “Colle Infernetto”, about 800 meters. Follow the trail of the route “Marca Pinerolese n°29”, which passes through the locality “Incolletto”: instead of following the signage, leading to the hamlet “Galletti”, which you see on the right, go left arriving to “Casa Vacanze Rustichel”. Keep descending and you will come out on a dirt patch that leads quickly to “Costagrande”. At the ex trattoria of Costagrande turn right between the houses, and exit facing some brief stretches of not-easy path (BC) in correspondence of Colombaro, Pons and Bacchiasso and after by cycle path: it soon reaches Pinerolo, getting this brief and easy route over.

NOTE: Not very long tour lending to multiple choices, upward as well as downhill. This is one of the many possible routes for ascending the hills “Colle Eremita” and “Infernetto”. It is travelable almost all the year long, except in case of thick snow. Suitable to everyone even if the stretch of the coal-cellars is a very technical one, but it is not very long so it can be walked through pushing the bikes sideways in order to avoid to fall down: stay on the safe side of things, and do not exceed in jeopardizing.

eremita-infernetto – GPX trail

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