Melano Hut




The structure has been built by John Johnson’s company Sitka Log Homes making use of some Canadian pine’s sick conifers. A big cedar trunk, found by Johnson himself on the ocean shore, stands out in the middle. No plants were deliberately cut for realizing the log-house, in order to highlight the eco-sustainability of the project as well as Canada’s attention to environmental resources. The requirement and the materials needed for the construction were transported by ship from Canada to Italy: they were stocked in 22 containers and kept fixed-temperature. British Columbia intended to make the structure a meeting place between Italian and Canadian enterprises – what did come true during “Torino 2006” –, and a way of promoting the Province and Canada as suitable location for the next Winter Olympic Games. By the end of 2006 Paralympic Games British Columbia donated the facility to the city of Turin, which in turn donated it to the community “Comunità Montana Pinerolose Pedemontano”.

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