Our cooking

Our cooking is down home, and we use selected zero food miles.cucina-melano

We offer you the most traditional appetizers such as: savoury pies, omelettes and in season flans, grilled sweet-and-sour vegetables or “carpione” vegetables (a Piedmontese dressing), rich varieties of cured meat and cheese.

The main course is polenta with jugged stew (in “Civet”), with sausage and tomato, with Gorgonzola sauce or polenta concia oven-backed… You should taste our polenta Taragna dumplings!

Otherwise , if you do not like polenta, it is possible to taste other traditional foods which include “gnocchi”, “agnolotti”, pan-fried pasta and other delicacies.
To conclude, you can choose among a lot of desserts: tarts, our home-made pies, “bunet” and panna cotta.

Alternative menus will be prepared for those guests who have food intolerances.


  • Polenta is supplied by “la Cascina dei Conti” of Osasco and it is realized with the ancient sweet corn variety Pignoletto, ground in a natural stone mill.
  • Meat comes from the butcher shop “Macelleria Binelli” of Pomaretto.
  • Talucco’s toma cheese is made with “Caseificio San Pietro Val Lemina” cow’s milk.
  • Talucco’s toma cheese also comes from “Fiorendo” Borgata Brun (San Pietro Val Lemina) agritourism goat’s milk.
  • Bread is supplied by “Ghiano” bakery of Perosa Argentina.
  • Our Wines: “Barbaresco” and “Dolcetto” (Bianco Aldo farm of Barbaresco); “Ramìe” and “Barbiché” (Countandin Daniele farm of Perosa Argentina); “Freisa”, “Barbera”, “Bonarda”, “Cabernet Sauvignon” (Bibiana’s Theorical and Practical School Malva Arnaldi; White and Red cask wine (Ferrero farm of Piovà Massaia).
  • Digestives: “Genepy”, “Serpoul”, “Abricot”, “Genzianella”, “Archibus”, “Rabarbaro”, “Barathier” (Pomaretto’s Bernard & C.); “Grappa Ramìe” of Countandin Daniele farm.
  • Home-brew: “Boheme” (San Germano Chisone’s Brasseria Alpina); beer from Birrificio Pinerolese.
  • Poretti” draft beer.
  • Coffee: supplied by “Ramon de Rivaz” (Pinerolo).

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